Klarque Garrison

who me?

Thanks so much for stopping by this site to hangout with me and check out my work. My name is Klarque Garrison and I’ve been in Media since 2009. My journey started with covering events (photography and video) like red carpet galas, movie premieres, grand openings, awards ceremonies, sports retirements and anything I could get invited to! Recently, I’ve decided to take a more serious approach to this wonderful craft called photography. I shoot primarily with a Canon 70D (my favorite), the old classic 5D and a Lumix G7.  Some of my favorite photographers are Chase Jarvis, Peter McKinnon, Benjamin Wong, Henri Cartier-Bresson, John Free,  Gordon Parks and Annie Leibovitz to name a few.


I’m primarily a Lifestyle/event "Photog" that dabbles in fashion, real estate and portraits.  I pride myself on capturing moments that will last a lifetime. I also create really cool sizzle promo reels for people who are looking to capture their event for posterity. Thanks so much for looking around and by all means let me know what photo you like most! Be sure to follow me on social media and let’s change the World one photo at a time!

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